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MakaiHunterMakaiHunter: Now This wiki was Open For Public! Help us to adding a information!! Join Now its free, You can see the password on the page, dont forget when done editting click Preview and add the item to the list.

sky1k3sky1k3: This site isn't official , but i'll tell Lucas about this wiki ! Keep support and Play Xkour !

MakaiHunterMakaiHunter:Aww Hi i added a Forum, Sorry we didint give a item list becouse the item still dont have a name yet, maybe next update the item will have a name

sky1k3sky1k3: Hi Xkour player , we need an artist for this site to help in HTML edit , Banner Added , Custom Theme etc. If you interesting to help us , please contact us sky1k3 MakaiHunter. Thanks for your attention !

MakaiHunterMakaiHunter: Hello, For a while this Wiki can not be edited because there are improvements to be more mature

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This is the First Wiki for CyanPro Games!, wiki for Xkour we really really happy if you would help us so that the people can learn something valuable information. We are very grateful to AQWWiki because we are trained to make the Wiki

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